Intrauma designs and manufactures the O’nil range of internal fixators based in Rivoli
Intrauma opens its US office based in Hoboken, New Jersey
Intrauma moves to the new factory in Via Genova 19 with an internal production area
Opening of the new headquarters in Via Ferrero 31 – Rivoli where the administrative and commercial offices are transferred

Who we are

Intrauma designs and manufactures the range of O’nil internal fixators, in clinical use since 2002, the Elos and Elafix nails for the femur and humerus.
The company is engaged in research and development of both materials and production processes, in collaboration with surgeons with long trauma experience, in order to provide the highest quality implants as well as simplify today’s approach to trauma.
Intrauma is today the second largest supplier of internal fixation devices in Italy. It is present on the Italian territory through a network of agents and product specialists useful to provide the best support to the surgeon and the patient.
At the same time, it is rapidly expanding its international sales through marketing operations around the world.

Research and development

The Intrauma Research and Development department is focused on the design and manufacture of products in accordance with current regulations, with particular attention to identifying opportunities to address unmet clinical needs in orthopedic and trauma musculoskeletal surgery. The result is the continuous increase of the product portfolio with innovative features in terms of materials, geometries and fracture solidification systems, mostly made within the company’s mechanical workshop.
Intrauma has participated in collaboration with local and international partners in numerous Research and Development Projects financed with European Funds for Innovation.

Italian excellence, in your hands

In Intrauma we are proudly committed to respecting the MADE in ITALY product standards. Intrauma’s production plants have been present in Rivoli, Italy since 2006. In a world where outsourcing is growing, from December 2015 to December 2020 Intrauma has invested over € 4 million in numerically controlled production machines and related equipment.

Control and quality

The Intrauma Quality Management System complies with ISO 13485: 2016 for the design, production and sale of medical devices. Our procedures cover all products and processes, guaranteeing the maximum reliability and quality of our devices. Quality control has always been carried out 100% internally: we inspect every single component to make sure that the devices placed on the market are safe and reliable. Since their release on the market, the devices are further monitored thanks to the implementation of an after-sales surveillance system focused on proactivity.
Our certified Quality Management System is therefore compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC and subsequent amendments, resulting in safe and effective devices for patients and healthcare professionals.

Intrauma today

Today, Intrauma is the second largest trauma device supplier in Italy and is rapidly expanding its international sales and marketing operations around the world. At the same time, Intrauma is expanding its facilities in the Rivoli area and consequently growing in terms of personnel. Intrauma staff is very young; in fact, the average age of Intrauma employees is 42 years and all Intrauma SpA departments are led by corporate veterans who have been in the company for the past 10 years and are still under 45 years old.

Logistics and shipping

Intrauma’s logistic office ships its products all over the world, although in many countries they are served through distributors, in some countries we offer direct shipping to customers, for example veterinary products are shipped worldwide to the end customer with a average time advantage of 2 working days for the Americas and 3 working days for Australasia.

The Board of Directors

Nilli Del Medico
Nilli Del MedicoBoard of director / Founder
Nilli is one of the leading experts in the orthopedic sector in Italy.
Present for more than 40 years, of which 15 as a regional distributor on behalf of various multinationals.
In 2001 he developed the range of patented products derived from the O’nil internal fixator. Plants and distribution began in 2002 and have grown exponentially since then.
Riccardo Del Medico
Riccardo Del MedicoCEO
Riccardo has been operating in the orthopedic device market for 20 years, holding various positions in multinationals. He started working with Nilli in 2004 and in January 2006 they founded Intrauma together to distribute the product in Italy and develop it on international markets. He was initially the general manager and in 2009 he was appointed CEO of the Board of Directors.
Stefano Del Medico
Stefano Del MedicoCounselor
Stefano, the youngest member of the Del Medico family, joins Intrauma in 2010 and, led by Nilli and Riccardo, is assigned to the nascent company promise of the veterinary division.
Matured thanks to the dedication and attention of the already present veterinary management, he covers various roles over the years until becoming the general manager of the Vet Line in 2020.
Andrea Agazzi
Andrea AgazziPresident
Former CFO of renowned and listed companies such as Arena-Roncadin and multinational groups such as Cerruti and Metecno, he is also a founding member of the Italian Association of Assoconsulenza.
He graduated from the Faculty of Political Economy at the Bocconi University in Milan and completed his studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge (Massachusetts).