Rail Jig

The New Rail Jigs were designed by Dr. Massimo Petazzoni for Intrauma
2 Sizes available
• Small Rail Jig for patients from 2 kg to 15 kg
• Standard Rail Jig for patients from 15 kg to 70 kg

Both Rail Jigs are supplied with 2 alignment bars and 2 wrenches to tighten the screws


• Central body extendable to adapt to different types of patients
• Cerclage hole
• Knurled locking screws to allow a correct closure even with gloves
• Right and Left indications for correct assembly
• Nails Ø 2 mm for the Small Rail Jig
• Nails Ø 3 mm for the Standard Rail Jig

Limb Def Jig

Deformity Reduction Device, a device for the correction of angular deformities


An external fixator consisting of an arch and a bar
Numerous locking screws to allow movement on multiple planes
An aid to increase accuracy during axial corrections
It allows you to temporarily stabilize the osteotomy focus during the application of the plate
Movements on several floors
Bar to track translation
Translation of the arch with respect to the main hinge
Angular movement by means of angular hinge with cannulated screw
Micrometric adjustment of the arc useful for the correction of torsional deformities