Diaphyseal fractures of the clavicle.
Fracture of the lateral clavicle.
Vices of consolidation of the clavicle.

Intrauma has developed two innovative plates dedicated to the treatment of clavicle fractures, that are well suitable for diaphyseal and lateral fractures.
The anatomically pre-shaped plates aid restoration of the original anatomy of the bone.
The patented locking system is simple to use and eliminates the risk of cross-threading between the head of the screw and the plate.
O’nil plates transfer the forces acting on the fracture in a flexible way to work like an external fixator.
The low profile of the O’nil clavicle plates is optimal for the treatment of these types of fractures.

Benefits e advantages
  • Anatomically low profile plates.
  • Diaphyseal plate available in 2 lengths.
  • Bicortical fixation.
  • Rounded ends reduce soft tissue irritation.
  • Simple and intuitive instruments.
  • Plates made of steel AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1, to allow MRI, screws and bushings made of titanium Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3.


Ref. Plates L. mm Holes
132.3001 S Clavicle plate (L) 95 0+6
132.3002 S Clavicle plate (R) 95 0+6
132.3003 Short clavicle plate 70 0+4
132.3004 Long clavicle plate 94 0+6
132.3005 Hook clavicle plate (L) 63 3+3
132.3006 Hook clavicle plate (R) 63 3+3
120.7201 Lateral clavicle plate (L) 58 4+4
120.7202 Lateral clavicle plate (R) 58 4+4


Autolocking screws: Ø 2,5 from 8 to 50 mm
Autolocking screws: Ø 3,5 from 10 to 70 mm
Plates: Stainless steel AISI 316 LVM - ISO 5832-1
Bushings and screws: Titanium Ti6AI4V - ISO 5832-3