Hook olecranon

O’nil locking olecranon plates provide excellent fixation of the proximal ulna for fractures and osteotomies.

Anatomic and pre-shaped, they can be positioned directly above the tricipital tendon.
The unique conical screw-plate locking mechanism ensures fracture stability whist avoiding pressure on the bone, preserving vascularity and accelerating the return of the patient’s previous mobility and function.

Benefits y ventajas
  • Anatomical design, low profile plate.
  • The patented screw-plate locking system allows easy locking of the screws, eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw and plate, and ensures a simple operative technique.
  • Bicortical fixation.
  • Screw positions allow a perfect alignment of the proximal olecranon and address multiple fracture patterns.
  • Diamagnetic steel (AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1) plates allow MRI; screws and bushes are made of titanium (Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3).
  • Simple and intuitive Instruments for reduced surgery times.


Ref. Plates L. mm Holes
131.4001 Hook olecranon plate 90 0+5


Autolocking screws Ø 3,5 from 10 to 90 mm
Plates: Stainless steel AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1
Bushings and screws: Titanium Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3