Humerus periprosthetics

Periprosthetic fractures
Diaphysary fractures of the Humerus
Multi-fragmentary fractures of the diaphysary humerus

Fixation devices implanted in periprosthetic bone often have a high incidence of mobilisation caused by several factors; among the most frequent is the technical difficulty in stabilising the fracture due to the presence of the rod, which prevents easy positioning of the screws.
Secondly, the quality of the bone, which is often porotic, can facilitate “pull-out” of the screws, resulting in early breakdown of the fracture.
Intrauma has developed a range of plates especially for the treatment of periprosthetic fractures of the humerus.
The use of the O’nil periprosthetic plate guarantees early mobilisation of the patient and union of the fracture in a time frame comparable to a fracture without a prosthesis.
Thanks to the patented conical locking system between the screw head and the holes in the plate, the O’nil fixator guarantees primary stability by distributing the forces evenly over the entire plate.

Features and advantages
  • Anatomical semitubular plate.
  • The multi-planar implant allows primary stability.
  • Available in 3 lengths.
  • Plates, screws and bushings made from Titanium Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3 to allow MRI.
  • Reduced surgical time.


Ref. Plates L. mm Holes
145.2003 Iron Lady Diaphyseal Humerus Plate short 150 8+2
145.2004 Iron Lady Diaphyseal Humerus Plate medium 200 10+1
145.2005 Iron Lady Diaphyseal Humerus Plate long 250 12+1


Autolocking screws: Ø 3,6 da 10 a 90 mm
Plates: Titanium Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3
Bushings and screws:
Titaniun Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832