Intrauma Congress

Five days of pure training and networking. The 12-13 and 16 june will be dedicated to pre-congress workshops, a fantastic opportunity for hands-on learning. The 14 and 15 june will be reserved for the main congress, with expert speakers sharing their latest knowledge and best approaches to veterinary trauma.
Join us on the first of 3 dates, in the beautiful surroundings of Cancun.

Carmelo System

Plates made of Titanium, Silver Coated to prevent
bacterial colonization and infection in open fractures.


For small and big cats and dogs.


Orthopedic suture system.

The Fixin System

The traditional locking plates apply a threaded plate screw system. The Fixin screws have a conical head that locks into a corresponding conical hole on the bushing, which are pre-assembled on the plate. This coupling avoids the risk of cross-threading between the screw head and the support and guarantees a simple operating technique. The Fixin range includes a wide variety of plates which are designed for several indications such as traumatology, corrective osteotomies, arthrodesis.

The Isolock System

The isolock system is an orthopedic suture system composed by a braided UHMWPE thread connected to a titanium button and a steel needle, while the suture is blocked in the bone tunnel through a titanium interference screw. The isolock system is supplied in sterile kits including all the necessary implants and they are available in 5 screw/suture combinations.

Osteotomy instruments

Intrauma offers a series of devices dedicated to corrective surgery that allow a safer execution of osteotomies and also facilitate alignment or rotation. For Tibial Plate leveling osteotomies there are two extendable Jig sizes that allow you to treat patients from 2Kg up to 70Kg. In osteotomies for the correction of deformities of the distal femur and proximal tibia, Intrauma offers a dedicated jig capable of correcting rotation and varus valgus millimetrically.


Intrauma constantly invests in the organization of  training courses  regarding its own products and the related surgical techniques. Intrauma keeps promoting partnerships with the most important specialistic Companies in the world and it is one of the main sponsors for the  Congresses of the  international Veterinary Orthopedic industry.


VET Distributors

Team of the VET LINE

Stefano Del Medico

General Manager of the VET LINE
Sales manager LATAM – APAC

Stefano is the youngest of the Del Medico family, joins Intrauma in 2010, and, led by Nilli and Riccardo, was assigned to the nascent business promise of the veterinarian division. He gained his maturity through his dedication and to the attention of the already present veterinarian management, he held several positions in the years, up untill 2020, when he became the General Manager of the Vet Line.

Franco Di Bartolo

North America -DE-AT AREA

Franco Di Bartolo joined Intrauma in 2006 and was immediately involved in the development of the
Veterinary Line under the guidance the Del Medico family; today the focus of Franco is on the market of the United States, Canada and Australia as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Chiara Destefanis

Europe sales Manager

Chiara Destefanis joins the Intrauma team in May 2019, after having gained twenty years of experience in the veterinary medicine sector, she is currently European Manager.
Her knowledge and skills are constantly updated thanks to her active participation in events and conferences in the world of veterinary orthopedics.

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